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Table of Contents

Special Section

Responding to Economic Crises in Historical Perspective, nineteenth and twentieth centuries PDF
Maria Christina Chatziioannou 7-10
Crises and Merchant Networks in the nineteenth century: The Case of German Networks in Lombardy PDF
Monika Poettinger 11-32
War, Crisis and Sovereign Loans: The Greek War of Independence and British Economic Expansion in the 1820s PDF
Maria Christina Chatziioannou 33-56
The Crisis of the Long 1850s and Regime Change in the Ionian State and the Kingdom of Greece PDF
Sakis Gekas 57-84
L’économie agricole grecque face à la longue crise de la première globalisation PDF
Socrate D. Petmezas 85-106
Fighting the Financial Crisis in Greece: The Privileged Company to Protect Production and Trade in Currants (1905) as International Bank Cooperation PDF
Korinna Schönhärl 107-134
Rebuilding the Future: C. A. Doxiadis and the Greek Reconstruction Effort (1945-1950) PDF
Andreas Kakridis 135-160


Old Tunes, New Tones: (Re-)Defining the “Phanariot Verses” of the Greek Enlightenment PDF
Julia Chatzipanagioti-Sangmeister 161-188
Romanticism and Politics: from Heinrich Heine to Carl Schmitt – and Back Again PDF
Pericles S. Vallianos 189-218
Watchtowers, Mastic Contraband and Rural Communities in the Aegean Archipelago under Ottoman Sovereignty PDF
Dimitrios G. Ierapetritis 219-254
Greeks in the Russian Empire and their Role in the Development of Trade and Shipping in the Black and Azov Seas (nineteenth – early twentieth centuries) PDF
Oleksei Shliakhov 255-264
A “Dynasty” of Hellenists in twentieth-century Bucharest: Demosthene Russo, Ariadna Camariano-Cioran and Nestor Camariano PDF
Leonidas Rados 265-296

Critical Perspectives

Basil C. Gounaris, “See how the Gods Favour Sacrilege”: English Views and Politics on Candia under Siege (1645-1669) PDF
Yannis Spyropoulos 297-299
Pierre Briant, Alexandre des Lumières. Fragments d’histoire européenne PDF
George Tolias 300-305
Stan Draenos, Andreas Papandreou: The Making of a Greek Democrat and Political Maverick PDF
Sotiris Rizas 306-309
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